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Transferring files between two computing devices earlier required using portable hard-drives or USB drives. Later on, the use of USB and similar connecting cables offered another choice for sharing files between computers and mobile devices. However, with the increasing use of smartphones and the need for off-loading the accumulating data easily on to your computer is also rising. This is where reliable and efficient file-sharing apps, such as SHAREIt come extremely handy.

Before learning how to use SHAREIt for Windows let’s know a few important facts about the incredible app.

What is SHAREIt all about?

SHAREIt is an app designed for sharing various types of files between computers/laptops and mobile devices without physically connecting them with each other using a USB/Lightning cable.

SHAREIt is the faster and more secure technique for sharing files between your mobile and computers using advanced Wi-Fi Direct technology.

SHAREIt is considered a universal app as it runs on every popular platform in use today. You can easily download and use SHAREIt for Windows on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows XP as well as on Mac OS, iOS and Android OS.

How does SHAREIt work?

SHAREIt app uses the advanced Wi-Fi Direct technology for data transfer. Wi-Fi Direct technology is incredibly faster and more secure than conventional Bluetooth and the modern NFC technique.

This secure connection protocol works may sound similar to your home or office Wi-Fi however there are stark differences between Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct in terms of connectivity, speed, and data transfer security. Wi-Fi Direct in SHAREIt for Windows works using a technology similar to the Bluetooth or a bit-torrent service. This enables users to share almost all types of files between mobile and PC with the reliability and security of wireless internet service with no need for external access points.

SHAREIt works by creating a private Wi-Fi Hotspot impromptu for the duration of each use only. Hence, it does not require any form of a physical network for connectivity, however, you will require having an active internet connection in your computer and mobile devices when sharing files using SHAREIt for Windows 7 and others. Conventional Wi-Fi networks and data networks work just fine for using SHAREIt. Once you sync them, all your devices will automatically detect and connect with your SHAREIt network even when they are not on the same internet connection. However, the speed and connectivity rivals any conventional wireless internet network as Wi-Fi Direct works at speeds of up to 20 Mbps.

Advantages of Using SHAREIt for Windows

Now that you know what SHAREIt is and what it is used for, let’s go quickly through the list of advantages that using SHAREIt for Windows 7 brings you as a user:

  • Faster Connection – SHAREIt uses Wi-Fi Direct technology to establish contact between devices that are physically around you. It is inherently faster than NFC and even 200 times faster than Bluetooth. It is definitely faster than USB drives for transferring data between devices.
  • Secure Sharing – Using SHAREIt for Windows 8 for sharing data to and from your mobile device makes it a reliable and secure procedure. Wi-Fi Direct technology’s impromptu wireless network is secured using the latest in data encryption protocols.
  • Efficient Transferring – The SHAREIt app is able to use dual channel system for file sharing between devices. This makes it easier to simultaneously send and receive multiple files between connected devices.
  • Multiple Sharing – SHAREIt for Windows can be easily used for transferring file/files from one device to multiple devices simultaneously.
  • No Data Charges – Using SHAREIt to share files between your mobile and computers does require an active internet connection (mobile data plans, Wi-Fi connection, etc) however it does not use any data packets from these. This saves you an incredible amount of money on internet data plans.

How to Download SHAREIt for Windows?

Downloading SHAREIt for Windows is very easy. It is highly recommended to download it from the vendor’s official website.

Click on the link below to reach the official vendor website and download SHAREIt for Windows faster:

Follow the simple instructions to download and install the SHAREIt app:

  1. Click on the “Download” button on vendor’s web-page.
  2. Search for the downloaded .EXE file on your computer.
  3. Choose to run the .EXE file and follow the on-screen instructions for installing SHAREIt for Windows.
  4. Create an account on SHAREIt and start using it.

How to Use SHAREIt for Windows?

Using SHAREIt for Windows to transfer files between your computer and mobile devices is easier thanks to the incredibly user-friendly User Interface it has.

Ensure that your smartphone/tablet also has SHAREIt before connecting with your PC/laptop for transferring data between them. Also ensure that your mobile devices and computer are connected to the internet, preferably with the same Wi-Fi connection.

Here are the four simple steps that will teach you how to connect and share files between your computer and mobile device using SHAREIt app:


Tap on the SHAREIt icon on your mobile phone screen and double-click on the SHAREIt icon on your computer screen. Your computer screen will show this window, indicating that SHAREIt is ready for connecting with another device.

STEP 2 – Search and Connect

The next step is to click on the “Search Hotspot of Mobile” option at the bottom of the window. Once you click on it, your computer’s SHAREIt will begin searching for the Wi-Fi Direct hotspot it has created, similar to your computer’s Wi-Fi Direct hotspot. This is the screen you will see when your computer is searching for a connection to your mobile phone’s hotspot.

STEP 3 – Establish Connection

Once your computer finds and identifies your mobile’s hotspot, it will request your permission to accept the SHAREIt invite with a notification like this.

Simply click on “Accept” to establish the encryption-secured Wi-Fi Direct wireless connection between your mobile and computer using SHAREIt. (If you wish to detect and connect automatically to your other devices, simply check the box for “Set it as a trusted device, no need to remind me again.”)

STEP 4 – Share Files

Once you accept the invite from your computer, the UI window changes to the sharing mode.

This is a simple drag-and-drop operation that lets you browse and choose the files you wish to transfer. You can easily exchange texts, images, audio, video and other multimedia files using SHAREIt for Windows.


Hopefully, this short article was helpful to you in understanding the incredible aspects of SHAREIt and the way to use it for sharing files between your mobile smartphones and Windows computers.

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